Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015 -

Seat-Warmers Unlimited

the pleasure of pain
by Stanlegh Meresith
Published: Jun 03, 2015
Words: 25,097
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Seat Warmers Unlimited

"Good afternoon, Madam." The receptionist sat behind a large, modern pinewood desk, before which stood two shiny steel-framed chairs, the seats upholstered in red velvet. The desk was neat, uncluttered save for a red telephone, some pads of paper and pens.

"Hi," said Jessica, taking in the smell of leather that pervaded the place, wondering about its source. She was nervous and embarrassed. She surveyed the walls, noting the erotic figure drawings, the two canes forming an X above the receptionist's desk and the two large paddles on either side. To the left stood a blackboard on an easel, a mortar board with tassels perched on a corner. Chalked on the board were a list of implements and prices. Her heart skipped like a schoolgirl but she feigned nonchalance. She saw "cane... birch... riding crop ... paddle... tawse... hairbrush... slipper... hand" and prices per "six of the best".

"Is this your first visit, Madam?" asked the middle-aged woman neutrally.

"Yes, it is," croaked Jessica.

"If you would like to fill in your requirements on here..." The receptionist slid a pad of carbon-copied forms and a biro across the desk. "I think you'll find everything is made clear."

Jessica nodded gratefully, sat and pulled the pad towards her. Centred at the top was the company's name: "Seat-Warmers Unlimited" with the mission statement in italics below it: "Discipline with discretion". The page was divided into four sections. The first listed the implements she'd seen on the blackboard along with several others such as carpet-beater, gym shoe, bath brush, spoon. Adjacent to each item was a box to indicate number of sets of six, though she noticed "hand" came in sets of twelve only. The prices seemed very reasonable at £5 per set, with "birch" costlier at £8, though there was a minimum charge of £30.

A second column of boxes invited the client to indicate by number the order in which the sets were to be administered. Jessica felt heat rising through her middle and wished she wasn't by nature so quick to blush. She was suddenly very conscious of the woman across the desk and what she must think. She felt faintly ridiculous sitting here getting moist with excitement contemplating a mere form. She crossed her legs and then cleared her throat at exactly the same moment as the woman.

"Why don't I give you a minute to think things over?" Jessica looked up and smiled awkwardly but gratefully as the receptionist got up. Just then the phone rang. The woman smiled an apology and picked it up.

"Good afternoon," she said politely. She listened for some moments before rolling her eyes. "No madam, I'm afraid we don't supply any kind of vehicle upholstery ... no ... no ... I'm sorry ... I can't really help you there... erm, you probably don't want to know... thank you, goodbye." She seemed to have brought the conversation to an abrupt end.