Monday, 13 July 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015 -

A Return to High School

by Susan Thomas
Published: May 26, 2015
Words: 29,107
Category: general, school
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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There were four factors which led to my doing what I did. None of them were directly connected but all were crucial.

The first was that I have always been interested in spanking and wanted to be spanked. Don't ask me where that strange interest came from, I have no idea. I was never spanked growing up, not even an odd smack or swat. No school that I attended either in the UK or the USA ever even mentioned corporal punishment, and I knew no other kids who got spanked. However, right from an early age I felt all tingly at the thought, and whenever it was mentioned anywhere or I read something in a book, I'd feel drawn to be spanked myself. I longed to have very strict parents who spanked and go to a very strict school that used the paddle. Very strange I agree but that is how it was.

The second thing was that I had an inheritance. I'd already had one from my parents who had died when I was eighteen but I had put that money in a fund for the future and hadn't really touched it much. This was a huge inheritance which left me gasping. My great uncle was a self-made man and had no other family to leave it to. He despised charities and hated governments so left it all to me. I am not sure how sensible it is to leave that much to a 23-year-old girl but he did. I mean I could have gone mad and done the whole drugs, sex, clothes, clubbing and travel bit. I didn't but I was bewildered as to what to do. I didn't care for my job much, but what to do exactly?

The third factor was an article about a school that used the paddle. Apparently it didn't believe much in detentions, impositions, internal or external suspensions and used the paddle a fair bit. Someone attempted to ban it on the school board but the motion was heavily defeated. I was fascinated and researched the school and area. It was a fairly rural area with a small population and the town itself wasn't just low on crime but had virtually zero crime. It was the sort of place where dog poop was an issue! Parents there believed in spanking and used it. Doubtless they would claim the use of it kept the crime rate down but probably socio-economic factors were also at work.

The fourth factor was more an event. Normally, I shopped where I worked and lived so everyone knew me, but one day I had to leave my area and shopped for some wine and food because I had a few friends coming round.

"Sorry," said the checkout woman, "you're not old enough to buy wine."

"Pardon me?"

"You gotta be at least 21. Leave it there."

"But I'm 23. I have ID."