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Monday, June 08, 2015 -

Sorority Hell Week

by Drake Connors
Published: Apr 24, 2015
Words: 23,435
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F,M/F
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Chapter One - The Sunday Evening Meeting

"Alright you nasty little pledge bitches, get your asses lined up now!" That was the order given by Megan, the Zeta house president. She continued to speak as the newest pledge class of Zeta Omicron Pi quickly got in line. "So far you've had it pretty easy girls, but that shit's all about to change. Did you think you were going to just waltz in here and join the hottest fucking sorority on campus without breaking a fucking sweat? Well that's not gonna happen. No more pampering for you little babies. If you want to be in this house, you're going to have to prove it to us!"

The tall, strikingly beautiful redhead continued berating the young pledges as the other sisters stood by, watching in amusement at the nervous and scared looks on the faces of the uninitiated. There were four pledges altogether; that's all Zeta ever accepted. This was the elite house on campus, and only the best of the best were given a bid to pledge.

The pledges aligned in alphabetical order just as they had done for the past several weeks. There was Jenny, the petite, small-breasted Asian girl who barely stood five feet tall. Next to her was Samantha, the typical blonde-haired girl-next-door from any town, U.S.A. After Samantha was Jade, a pale-skinned redhead with full red lips and one of the tightest, shapeliest asses ever to walk through the doors of the Zeta house. And finally there was Brianna. With her long, brown hair and Victoria's Secret model body, she was definitely the most attractive of the four pledges, which was saying a lot.

"This is hell week, pledges, and this is where we find out how bad you really want to be a Zeta," the sorority president continued on in her pleasurably sadistic manner. "You think you've had it tough so far, well let me tell you little bitches something; you haven't seen shit yet!"

And she was right. Although the pledges had been put through some challenges so far, like cleaning the house, learning the history of the sorority as well as committing to memory the names, majors and hometowns of every current member, it was nothing compared to what lay ahead for them. These four young ladies were about to face a week filled with pain, humiliation and degradation. But to them it would all be worth it.

It would be worth it because of the prestige being a Zeta girl carried with it. Being a Zeta meant opening doors that would remain closed to others. If a young lady's ambition was to strive for greatness in business or politics, or to simply marry a man of the highest social standing, then Zeta was the house to join. Every year hundreds of would be hopefuls vied for a chance to pledge, but only four were ever asked to.