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Over the Desk: Volume 1

by LSF Publications
Published: Apr 15, 2015
Words: 23,659
Category: school
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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Caroline's Birthday
by Mike London

Caroline, Jill and Vanessa picked unhappily at their food. None of the three sixth form girls was looking forward to the rest of the evening. They had been told to report to Mrs Buckeridge's study at 8.00pm and they all knew, only too well, what was going to happen in the headmistress's study.

It had all started when Caroline had had the bright idea of smuggling their three boyfriends into the school for a celebration of her birthday. The other two girls had agreed, although Vanessa had been rather hesitant. King George's School was a co-educational public school but there were strict rules against girls in the boys' dormitories and vice versa. Only two weeks before, two boys had been caned by the deputy headmaster for visiting a girls' dormitory without permission. The girls concerned had been given lines and detentions. But Caroline and Jill had persuaded Vanessa to agree. They had assured her that there was practically no chance that they'd be caught, because their dormitory was in an isolated part of the school's grounds, and that even if they were, the fun they'd have would be worth a few lines. Caroline's only regret was that Sarah, the fourth girl who shared their dormitory, would not be able to be with them as she was still in the school's sanatorium, recovering from flu.

The boys had accordingly come, bringing generous supplies of alcohol with them. None of them were pupils at the school; they all lived in the small town nearby. They had come determined to have a good time and, although they did not want to get their girlfriends into trouble, they did not so clearly appreciate the need to be quiet. A passing teacher had heard the noise and entered the dormitory. He had made them pour away all the remaining lager and had then escorted all six of them to Mrs Buckeridge's study.

The headmistress had taken the names and addresses of the boys and had then sent them away, as she had no authority over them. With the girls, however, it was otherwise and she had lectured them severely. She had enumerated the number of their offences: breaching school security, eating after lights out, drinking alcohol, disrupting the school's peace at night time and entertaining boys in their dormitory without permission. Mrs Buckeridge had concluded by saying that she rarely used the cane, but that it was there to be used as a last resort and that she felt she had no alternative in the present circumstances. She told them to report to her study at eight the next evening.

All three girls were shocked at the prospect of being caned. They knew that, in theory, girls could be caned at King George's. In a way they were quite proud of it; it set their school apart from other schools.