Thursday, 11 June 2015

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Fulfilling Their Heart's Desire

by Jocelyn Cross
Published: Apr 24, 2015
Words: 28,927
Category: western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1 - An Arizona Night

Gerhard knew when a woman was playing with him and he suspected Leticia was now using her charms to get her way ... but he wondered what it truly was that she wanted. Later he would wonder what had come over him, but he took Leticia in his arms and said, "If we are to travel together, you need to know what a proper kiss is." His strong arms enveloping the young woman, he pulled her tight and placed his lips on hers. He kissed her passionately and was pleased, though somewhat surprised, at the passion she returned in her kiss. They embraced like that for a long moment, before awkwardly breaking hold. Each suddenly felt like a shy teenager.

But in the late 19th Century, even in the Wild West of Territorial Arizona, a woman simply did not let a man, no matter how attractive he was, kiss her. And when that young woman has been raised with a belief that she is of a social status much higher than others, this was particularly true. Still a bit stunned by the kiss and her embarrassingly passionate response, the young Mexican woman reached up and slapped the big blonde German across the face with a force that stunned him.

"Oh? You tease me and lead me on and I get slapped for a little kiss?" Gerhard was partly intrigued by the fire Leticia showed and partly angry at her physically confusing reactions. She had kissed him back and then slapped him for it. They were alone in the night having taken a short walk on the dusty road leading out of Tortilla Flats. The air was warm and there was an inviting breeze that was welcome after a full day of blazing sun and heat.

Heat? That's just what this teasing wench deserves, he thought. The big man picked up the woman and, despite her punching and kicking, carried her to a stump by the side of the road. There he put his left foot on the stump creating a nicely even surface with his left thigh over which he placed Leticia. Pinning her to his thigh she could not escape though she tried to, and all of her kicking and squirming only caused her pants to pull taut across her bottom. She was completely at his mercy as her entire body was suspended across his thigh.

"You wouldn't dare!" seethed the Mexican woman as she recognized the position she was in. Her bottom was well up and vulnerable. She was pinned in place; her only recourse was to talk her way out of what she was worried would be coming.

The reply she got was a pair of hard swats to her backside: one to each of her bottom cheeks. This made her struggle harder, but her struggling only earned her a half dozen more spanks. The swats made loud slapping noises that were crisp and obvious in the dark night air.