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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -

Seems Like Old Times

by Rosanna Young
Published: Dec 20, 2013
Words: 24,236
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Seems Like Old Times

Sharon cursed as she tried to untangle herself from the fishing line that was going to strangle her. The harder she tried to untangle herself, the more wrapped up in it she became, until she threw the pole to the ground in a fit of pique. "Motherfu..." she mumbled, as she felt the fishing hook catch in her hair.

"I'd watch the language if were you," a very masculine voice said from behind her.

Sharon screamed in her frustration, and at the fact that a strange man was witnessing her foolishness. "I was only trying to relax, and have a peaceful afternoon and just look at the mess I've made. Damn it!"

She'd gotten the hook out of her hair, but now it snagged in the seat of her shorts, and every tug on the line threatened her with a wedgie.

"Can't you help me?! Don't just stand there like some kind of idiot, give me a hand!!"

"I might, if you would consider being polite about it," said a now somewhat familiar voice behind her.

Turning to see just who it was that was witnessing her humiliation, Sharon let out a groan. "Evan! What the hell are you doing here?"

"That was polite," he said drolly. ""We haven't seen each other for years, and all you can do is curse at me? As for why, I still patrol this part of the reservoir. You do know that fishing is not allowed here, don't you?"

Sighing, she said, "I do. But I remembered coming here with daddy to fish when we were little, and how quiet and peaceful it was here. I just needed to get away for the afternoon," she finished quietly.

Evan looked at the woman before him, a person he had known through childhood and their teenage years and beyond. He gave a little shrug. Gentling his voice, he approached Sharon to help her get out of her predicament.

"First thing we need to do is get this worm," he said, as he reached out towards her hair. Running his fingers into it, he brushed the offending bit onto the ground, chuckling as he felt the shiver run through her, though she didn't complain, or make any girlie noises.

From Sharon's point of view, the shiver was not because thoughts of a worm in her hair freaked her out, but the fact of the man at her side. They had known each other since childhood, their parents were friends. They even had history, slight though it was. Something about him had always made her tongue-tied, made her say and do stupid things she didn't understand. So why now, when she was at such a low point in her life, did he have to show up? Their mothers still talked, so she was sure that he knew she had gone through a particularly vicious divorce, just as she knew that he had been widowed several years earlier. It made it easier really, not having to indulge in insipid small talk about stuff neither of them wanted to be reminded of anyway.