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More Tales from Collingwood's

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Dec 20, 2013
Words: 31,404
Category: femdom, school
Orientation: F/F
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Chapter 1: A Painful Last Chance

Pamela Jameson gazed at Constance Cowley with exasperation visible all across her face. As a young Deputy Head at the small but exclusive Collingwood's' private school for girls in the South of England she had been appointed with a specific remit to improve a rapidly deteriorating discipline record. Now, just over a year into her post, she knew that she had succeeded. Indeed she had more than succeeded; the transformation had exceeded the hopes of her headteacher and the governors of the school. But then there was Constance.

Constance had been her first 'victim' right at the start of her appointment when Pamela had discovered bullying among some of the sixth formers. After that punishment there was no doubt that Constance was a much improved young lady and Pamela had grown to respect many of her good qualities. Every so often, however, the sixth former would go spectacularly off the rails, generally through stupidity rather than malice. During the year since Pamela joined the staff she had paddled Constance four times in all and she had suffered the usual detentions as well. Each time she promised faithfully that she knew that she was wrong and that she would improve. Yet here she was again.

The underlying problem was that she seemed incapable of controlling her temper. She blew up at the slightest hint of anybody crossing her. She had managed now to accept criticism from staff but if she thought one of the other girls was disparaging her in any way she was liable to explode. And that was what had happened here. She had been discovered fighting in a cloak room with a fifth former. Pamela was well aware of the risk of Constance's reputation leading to her being unfairly accused but having investigated this incident it was clear that the only blame lay with Constance. In fact the girl more or less admitted that herself.

What galled Pamela as much as anything was that it had occurred at almost exactly the same time as she had been reporting to the Governors on the state of discipline at the school. They had been there that day for one of their regular meetings and Julia Maclean, the Head Teacher, had invited Pamela to give a presentation on discipline. Some of the Governors were notoriously hard to please on this front, the Head describing them as 'fully paid up members of the hang 'em and flog 'em brigade', but Pamela left the meeting reasonably happy with her presentation and its affect on the more well balanced Governors at least. No sooner had she returned to her office when Mary Scott, the Assistant Head came to her with the news that Constance had exploded again.

She had waited until the Governors were well out of the way before she summoned the hapless girl and, having thought carefully about the whole thing she had floated an idea with the Head as a possible way forward.