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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 -

Accepting His Way

by Nyree Grace
Published: Dec 20, 2013
Words: 26,914
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Accepting His Way

Alicia peered through the kitchen blinds, parting the wooden slats to get a clearer view of the activity across the street. The large Cape Cod style house opposite her father's home had been vacant for the past four weeks, and according to Alicia's observations it was about to be occupied by Adonis. Perhaps moving back home to care for her Dad was going to have more entertaining distractions than she had previously assumed.

"Is dinner ready yet love?" Jim called from the living room.

"Oh!" Alicia startled. "Not yet Dad. I'm still, er, peeling the vegetables." Her guilty glance at the kitchen clock informed her it was nearly 6pm. Dinner would be late. At least, thanks to daylight saving, she would be able to enjoy the outside entertainment for at least another hour, and by the look of things it would take the handsome hunk a fair while to unload all his stuff. However, good-looking distractions across the street weren't good for her concentration. "I'm hoping to have it dished up around seven thirty." With a bit of luck.

"I could always ring for fish 'n' chips... I'm starving!"

"You know what the doctor said about eating deep fried stuff, Dad! I don't want you winding up in the hospital again!" she scolded him, knowing that if she was not there to make sure he ate properly he would go back to his old unhealthy habits of fast food and fatty snacks. "Besides, dinner's pretty much under control," Alicia fibbed. From now on, she must remember to keep peeling and chopping whilst admiring the view outside. Fortunately, females can multi-task efficiently - and safely with a blunt knife, she mused.

Hot breath against cold glass mingled with steam from the boiling pots, obscuring Alicia's view of the tall, dark, and handsome neighbour. Remedying the problem with a quick wipe of her sleeve afforded her an unobstructed view of toned biceps and broad masculine shoulders hefting bulky boxes from a silver Ford utility truck with apparent ease. When he had disappeared from view, large cursive red lettering emblazoning the side of his vehicle stirred Alicia's curiosity: 'Troy Turner, Landscape Designer' followed by a logo and two phone numbers, indecipherable owing to her distance across the street. An audible sigh escaped Alicia's lips as she wondered if that was his name.

"If dinner's gonna be a while, I could take Monty for a walk. The exercise will be good for the ol' ticker and it'll save him from getting under your feet," Jim suggested.

"Did you remember to take your blood pressure pills? And yeah, that'd be awesome Dad! Make sure you look out for cats and hold his leash extra tight," she reminded him, stating the obvious. Alicia was aware that her father's strong wrists and stout frame were a perfect combination to curb Monty's wish to bolt free at the slightest temptation, yet she couldn't help her concern.