Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016 -

Never Too Old for a Spanking

by Carly Burton
Published: Nov 19, 2015
Words: 29,385
Category: romance, domestic discipline
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

Kate lay face down over her husband Joe's knee, anticipating her first ever spanking, wondering how on earth it had come to this. Her dress was already pushed up high on her back; her knickers were dangling around her ankles, baring her bottom to her husband. She was mortified. Was this really her gentle, easy-going husband who hardly ever got angry, hardly ever even raised his voice? She was about to find out!

"This is going to be a very painful lesson Kate. You're going to feel just how fed up I am. You're going to feel just how much I hate to see you bad tempered and sulking, taking all your frustration out on me and destroying yourself into the bargain."

Kate's mind wandered back to the events leading up to this terrible reality. She had just turned 50 years old, Joe was 52 and both their children were grown up, the youngest having left home recently. She was in good shape physically, but had ceased to think of herself as desirable. Married life had seemed to become mundane, with no excitement anymore. She had begun to feel as if no one needed her, least of all Joe. Nothing pleased her, work was just a stress and Joe's gentle manner and attitude simply annoyed her.

He had dismissed all her fears as if they were insignificant. Of course she was needed he had told her. She had a demanding job with responsibilities, the kids lived close by and they were regular visitors, but somehow, she had lost herself. All Joe's well-meaning comments just left her feeling frustrated.

She had known she was losing control, but didn't know how to regain it. She felt like a runaway train on its way to a derailment. Her temper had become harder to control, and she was using bad language, which she never usually did.

Joe had been working late a lot recently and when he came home, he was tired and couldn't deal with her sulkiness and withdrawal, so he ignored her, which stoked the fire even more. She realised that she had been deliberately trying to provoke a reaction, which was denied her up until now. At this moment, however, she was regretting her actions, his reaction was most unwelcome! Back to her uncomfortable position over Joe's knee, she listened as he continued to lecture.

"You will remain as still as you can while I punish you, Kate. If you fight me or try to interfere with your punishment, I will restrain you!" His words totally shocked her.

He was quite calm, she noted, but she actually believed this new version of her husband would restrain her. With that, he began her first ever spanking with gusto, his hand rising and falling in quick succession. At first, he covered the whole area of her bottom until it was an overall pink, warming up literally.