Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 -

His Little China Doll

by Jillian Chandler
Published: Nov 7, 2015
Words: 33,443
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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"Wouldn't the employees at Mogollon Financial be shocked to see me like this," mused Jade Chen silently as she stood in the corner with her nose firmly touching the walls. She was dressed in a white, short-sleeved blouse and tiny red plaid skirt, though that skirt was tucked up into its waistband to reveal her bottom. And, it was revealed, as Miss Chen's white cotton panties were puddled about her ankles, causing her pristine bottom to be well displayed.

Still musing to herself, Jade knew the staff at Mogollon Financial would find her current circumstance impossible to imagine. Miss Chen was a high powered and demanding executive of the Investment Division at Mogollon Financial. Her office demeanor had earned her several nicknames, always uttered behind her back and never to her face though she was well aware of them. The 'Bamboo Dragon' was her favorite though she had heard of 'Madame Dragon', 'Bamboo Bitch', 'Genghis Chen' and several other colorful, if coarse, appellations.

"Come to me now, little girl," she heard the familiar masculine voice call out to her. She had to turn and walk over to him, but with her panties at her ankles she had to take small mincing steps. Keeping her eyes to the ground, it was all too reminiscent of the stereotypical Oriental woman wearing a restrictively tight dress and wooden sandals. She found it shaming, not just because of the shuffling, mincing, steps, but because she did so with her skirt tucked up and panties down to make her bottom bare and available for the spanking that was just about to happen.

Looking down, she stood just to the right of the seated man and meekly said, "I'm sorry, Daddy!"

His reply was warm and kindly, but not unexpected. "I know you are, baby doll, but you have earned this spanking and you are about to reap what you have sown. Over my lap, please. Let's get this unpleasant business behind us."

She slowly lowered herself into position across his lap and waited for the spanking to begin. But, maybe we are getting just a bit ahead of ourselves and should explain how we got to this point. How could anyone anticipate such a scene? Jade Chen was a 28-year-old woman, the youngest (and arguably the smartest) President of any division at Mogollon Financial. What anyone knew of her was that she was dynamic and demanding; a woman who ruthlessly pursued her goals; and the last person you wanted to cross or disappoint. Anyone, that is, other than the man who now had Jade Chen draped submissively over his lap with her bottom bared waiting for ... and fully expecting ... a hot, stinging spanking.

Despite having been born in the United States, Jade spoke fluent Mandarin and was easily conversant in several other oriental languages. Her parents had instilled a strong understanding and appreciation of her Chinese heritage and Jade was well versed in the Sheng Xiao or Chinese Zodiac.