Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 -

The Rancher's New Bride

a tale of plural matrimony
by Wayne Gray
Published: Oct 18, 2015
Words: 34,814
Category: domestic discipline, western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Happy that she had scored a window seat in the crowded airliner, Bonnie Ballard enjoyed the view. As always, she was amazed at the immensity of Texas. No stranger to Texas, she was even familiar with her specific destination. She would be visiting the Grant ranch, owned by Joseph Grant. Joseph was a close friend of her family and had been a figure in Bonnie's life since she was a baby. But this trip would be different from her previous stays at the ranch, which essentially had been family vacations - different in a very life-changing way. The fact that this was the first time she had ever traveled alone would have been sufficient to make this trip an adventure she would remember for the rest of her life. But merely traveling alone was a small thing compared to what was about to happen to her.

Over the next two weeks, Bonnie would be visiting the Grant ranch as a prospective wife for Joseph Grant himself, a man old enough to be her father! She had been told that she must get to know Joseph's two present wives, learn to love them and to not be jealous of them. Should she marry Joseph, they would become her 'sister wives'. Also this would be her chance to get to know Joseph in a very different way than she had ever known any man before. It would be a sort of courtship, a way to determine if she and Joseph were meant for each other.

Inexperienced in matters of courtship and sexuality, Bonnie was aware that she had much to learn, and she correctly suspected that Joseph was just the man to teach her. For the last few weeks she had fantasized a lot about this trip and about Joseph. What would it be like? She had been told that she would spend much time alone with Joseph. While together, they would be doing... what? The very thought put butterflies in her stomach. And, oh yes ... before leaving she had been told one other small detail: during those two weeks she would be spanked - spanked at least twice! At that thought, Bonnie surreptitiously scrunched her young bottom in her airline seat.

To her slight discomfort, a youngish man occupied the seat next to her and wasn't quite hiding his interest. He saw a shapely young woman with long straight golden hair whom he correctly guessed to be about eighteen years old. Her face was still so fresh with youth that he didn't even notice her lack of makeup. However her modest long dress, of a traditional design, made her stand out from the crowd.

Finally he could contain himself no longer. "Um, Miss? Do you mind if I ask? Do you happen to be a Quaker?"

"No, not a Quaker. I'm from a conservative branch of the Mormon faith." She had answered politely, but slightly distantly, not encouraging further conversation. Bonnie wasn't on the market for new male companionship.