Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 -

Ten Days out West

by Sumner Morrow
Published: Oct 16, 2015
Words: 29,718
Category: western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

Tyler Hampton waited as the security guard posted at the gate to her rambling Hollywood home allowed the studio limousine to take her to the front door of the large stone house. She breathed a sigh of relief at being home after the last day of filming for her newest work. Now she was going into seclusion for two weeks for a badly needed retreat so that she could reflect on her still young career and perhaps address some unfinished business of a unique nature.

She had been a top-tier actress for some time, and had found it ironic that after she had found fame and fortune it was as difficult for her to get time away from the chaos of Hollywood as when she was a struggling unknown needing to work hard every day. The fact that she was finally going to have a clandestine vacation was almost surreal to her.

After filming the last love scene in a bedroom setting on the studio grounds, she asked that her driver leave her safely inside the stretch vehicle, hidden behind the darkened windows with the doors locked, while he went inside the fast food establishment and picked up her evening meal. As far as she was concerned, her vacation was officially on.

As she began her time off, her mind was reeling from an onslaught of emotions, excitement and anxieties. To top it all off, her libido was on a rampage. It would have been sufficient for her to simply know that she was going to have a quiet evening in seclusion to enjoy a personal marathon session of watching edits of nearly every spanking that had ever taken place in a western movie or television show.

If that had not been enough, the late afternoon love scene that concluded the filming of the R-rated suspense-filled movie had an enhanced sense of realism in comparison to others she had done. During the scene she had worn just a flesh colored thong, and her co-star was wearing a male version of the same. He also happened to be the newest cinema hunk, and during the filming of the scenes she was driven by distraction (and nearly to climax) by the fact that she was distinctly and constantly in contact with the evidence that he was also finding the action more than a little stimulating.

She had filmed several such scenes, though none quite so steamy as that one. She could certainly not quite fathom how she could experience such arousal with cameras operating and a crew present as she writhed and pressed downward on her co-star's midsection. She also knew that at least one camera was positioned behind her as she enthusiastically did so in order that some flash glimpses of her now legendary bare backside could be inserted in the final production.

She also knew that the release of the film would set off another argument in the entertainment media over whether there was a distinct difference between some R-rated films and those getting an NC-17 rating.