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Dominant Wives - Book 2

erotic tales of marital femdom
by Lewis Stone
Published: Sep 27, 2015
Words: 26,797
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Charley in Charge

Charley knew he would be in charge the minute he came up behind his wife, Charlene, in the kitchen and put his hand under her sweater to rub her tummy. He knew he was in charge as Charlene leaned back into his embrace and turned her head so he could kiss her long slender neck.

He stayed in charge as he gently lifted the sweater over her head and unclasped the bra that held her breasts in place. His feelings of being in total control of the situation increased as he reached down and undid the button on her jeans, sliding the zipper downward. She increased his feelings of being the boss by turning toward him and placing her hands around the back of her neck, showing she would not fight the removal of all of her clothing.

She furthered his feelings about being in total control of his woman by willingly allowing him to carry her to the bedroom and place her in the position he desired. After his tongue outlined her breasts, lower thighs and everything in-between, she needed no further play to increase her desire for him.

His entry was slow and deliberate, something he knew she would like and he continued that slow action for the first few minutes, even though at times he wanted to speed things up. To show his control, he would pretend to pull out entirely, making her ask, almost beg to keep him going. There was not a chance in hell he would actually withdraw.

He kept going until she shivered and shook three times in response to his efforts, and then sped up considerably as he sought to satisfy his own urges. His actions were all his to decide how and when things would happen in the bedroom, and she followed every lead he gave. When they finally separated, she snuggled close to him and gave a happy sigh. Things were just perfect between the two of them.

Charlene knew Charley liked the feeling of being in control and because he always looked after her desires first, went along with him. She just had to smile when he got up to go to the bathroom and she saw the paddle marks still showing across his butt cheeks from two days previous.

Charley was in complete control of the bedroom activity and she was a willing submissive. His control, though, in their household only extended to those hours each week that they spent making love. The rest of the time, Charlene was in control and Charley knew it. He not only knew it, but he loved it.

She recalled the scene two days ago when he had failed to show respect for her mother. He argued that her mom was interfering too much in the household and should mind her own business. Charlene put up with his ranting for a few hours and then picked up her cell phone to talk to her mom.