Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 -

The Headmaster's Schoolgirl Wife

by Pat Jones
Published: Aug 26, 2015
Words: 40,218
Category: school
Orientation: M/F
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Bright, beautiful, and brilliant, the Headmaster's new wife, Alexis, blew into the venerable old girl's school like the proverbial breath of fresh air.

Everything about Alexis seemed revolutionary. The Headmaster was in his sixties, and seemed to be a bit doddering to some, although those in the know realized that was merely a role he played to no small advantage. Alexis, in contrast, was much younger, although her elegance, confidence and style made her the match for any of the old codgers who taught at the school.

The venerable old institution had a reputation for being able to reform young women aged 18 - 22 into entirely respectable young ladies. However, in her mind it was the reformatory that needed reforming.

In Alexis's busy day, time was never wasted. On her very first night Alexis broke tradition by dining with the Headmaster and the other teachers at the front of the dining hall, looking very smart in her red dress and pearls. Say what you want, she and the Head were very much in love, and some of the old hens scowled to see the Silver Fox laughing like a teenager as his wife playfully spoon fed him a bit of his soup.

In a school built on tradition and routine, her vibrant presence and ringing laugh brought the cavernous and stuffy old dining hall to life. However, the biggest shock was yet to come. Unable to feign interest in Mr. Jeffries's endless lecture on the evils of taxing inherited fortunes, Alexis stood up, walked across the room, and with total aplomb sat down and joined the students at one of the long wooden tables.

The faculty was speechless. Alexis was not, and chatted amicably with the stunned students, asking them about their day, moving from table to table every few minutes, and even shaking hands.

"It's like she's running for bloody Parliament!" Professor Fertwell complained.

"And beating all of us, I'd say," Mrs. Jones added wryly.

By long standing tradition, only the teachers talked and the girls dined in silence. However, with Alexis leading the conversation, soon the whole room was awash with girlish chatter, much to the consternation of the school's old guard. In truth, the acoustics in the old hall did not lend themselves to conversation, and the noise quickly became deafening. The Headmaster pounded his mug on the table several times to warn the girls to "talk in low voices" lest the echoes bring the venerable old hall's ceiling down on their heads. But much to the dismay of the hide bound traditionalists sitting around him, the Headmaster did not object to his wife's outrage, or prevent Mr. Newman or Mrs. Jones from joining her at the student tables.

And so it was that Alexis effortlessly flicked the centuries old ban against the students talking during meals into the dustbin.

The food was next on her list, for Alexis discovered that eating with the girls meant eating their food, and the pasty porridge they were given each night was a far cry from the yummy entrees and vegetables the staff enjoyed.