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Sunday, October 11, 2015 -

Office Discipline

and other spanking stories
by Joy Peters
Published: Aug 18, 2015
Words: 24,021
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Office Discipline

Marcia Greenwood detested the last Friday of the month and had good reason to loathe this one especially. She was employed as an assistant personnel manager for an airline and was based at their office in Berkshire, where she had worked for about five years. She was thirty years of age and happily married. Her job with the airline was only her second after university. She had been previously employed in a similar capacity by a national high street retailer. It was there that she further studied for and passed her personnel management diplomas. The fringe benefits of working for a major airline were what enticed her away from her previous position.

The personnel department at her current position was large - unsurprising given the number of employees. There were a number of specialist personnel managers responsible for specific elements of the business, such as cabin grew, flight crew and ground crew to name but three. Marcia's role was at the centre of the organisation. She was responsible for managing overall sickness absences, recruitment of general staff (not flight or cabin crew) and managing the organisation's disciplinary system. This necessitated arranging disciplinary hearings and advising on procedure and company regulations and current employment law. She was also required to record and monitor employee misconduct.

The airline had a staff handbook that was issued to each member of staff on appointment. This clearly defined expected and acceptable standards of conduct. Behaviour defined as gross misconduct necessitated formal disciplinary procedures: investigation, disciplinary hearing, and outcome/award and followed by any appeal process. Lesser acts of misconduct were usually dealt with by a system of demerit marks. Each equated successively to a verbal warning, written warning and final written warning. Each demerit had a shelf life of eighteen months. A fourth demerit within this period resulted in a referral to the Personnel Director on the last Friday of the month at the head office. Marcia was responsible for managing this. It was complicated by the nature of the business and the need to interrupt and rearrange work schedules. It required much patience and liaison with other managers.

These appointments with the Personnel Director were formal affairs. Referred employees were required to attend smartly dressed and in full dress uniform if this was appropriate to the grade of the staff member. On these occasions the Personnel Director verbally reprimanded attending personnel and offered a choice of dismissal or the option. The option consisted of a painful caning applied to the employee's bottom. Most employees chose the option, informally referred to as a gating, as it was accepted as better than an uncertain future following dismissal.

It was Marcia's duty to record all demerits and disciplinary hearing awards. Managers reported demerits via email. Occasionally, employees found guilty of gross misconduct were offered the option as an alternative to dismissal but such awards were exceptional.