Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015 -

Little June and Her Daddy Don

by Jillian Chandler
Published: Aug 28, 2015
Words: 28,315
Category: ageplay, romance, bdsm
Orientation: M/F
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Though he did not let it show on his face, Carmine D'Addio was both amused and fascinated by the internal struggle of the young lady who stood before him. Compared to his powerful build and his 6' 3" frame, the young lady was quite small. There was an age difference as well. The young woman was half as old as the 48 year old Carmine, but her appearance and demeanor suggested she was but a young schoolgirl.

The girl/woman stood before Carmine, fidgeting and unable to look up at him as her right index finger played nervously with one of her two pony tails. The short skirt she wore was loosely cut and rippled with the girl's nervousness. A casual observer would think Carmine was the girl's father and the girl was nervously agitated about her situation. The relationship was far different, but the anxiety was real, and that anxiety was a delicious morsel for the powerful Carmine.

The woman standing before him like an errant schoolgirl before the Principal was indeed quite anxious. She was now considering his earlier question and what she did, and how she replied, could very well shape her entire future. Truth to tell, it could just as easily determine the length of her future.

The woman who seemed the young school girl was June Robinson and despite her youthful appearance and demeanor she was a robust young adult woman who possessed a college degree and held an important government job. It was her job, and the incredible opportunity it offered, that had led June to this moment with Carmine D'Addio. Her mind tossed her situation about as her heart flip-flopped with the same agonizing question. Her brain told her to find a graceful way to back out of the situation, but her heart, for several disparate reasons, urged her to take the leap.

"Well, June," said Carmine patiently, "I asked you a question and expect an answer." His face was a mask of seriousness, the tenor of his voice firm, insistent, yet wholly without malice. His eyes did sparkle with a mischievousness that belied his amusement only to the closest observer. When words would not come to her lips, the big man sighed. "Let me help you find the answer that you know lies within you," he said kindly. "I asked you to call me Daddy, did I not?"

She nodded and then looked up and barely uttered the word, "Yes."

"But you can't bring yourself to call me Daddy, even though I asked you."

"It feels funny," she said, instantly knowing it was a lame excuse.

"I don't know why it would feel funny, June Bug," he said, watching her cringe as he used the nickname he had so recently given her. When he first said it, he noticed that it bothered her and suspected he knew why it did, so he continued to use it. "Daddy is just a play on my last name, 'D'Addio' ... everyone calls me Daddy," he rationalized for her.