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Women who Spank Men: Volume 13

domestic F/M femdom stories
by LSF Publications
Published: Jun 19, 2015
Words: 24,105
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Stinging the Future Son-in-Law

by Bill Board

Lori Jennings was concerned. Her 21-year-old daughter, Carolyn, was involved with a young man named Jamie. Heavily involved. Doing the things with him that 21-year-old girls do with their boyfriends. It looked as though 23-year-old Jamie might be joining the Jennings family pretty soon.

Overall, Lori liked the young fellow. Carolyn could do a lot worse, she figured. But Jamie had a major failing - Lori believed that he was an inveterate snoop.

Lori could feel Jamie's wheels turning constantly behind his intelligent brown eyes and he was always probing - always curious - always sticking his handsome nose in where it didn't belong. These nosy characteristics, combined with a touch of arrogance, grated at her. Yes, Jamie was a little too full of himself. The boy needed his comeuppance and she knew it. She just wasn't sure how to provide it.

His snooping bothered her deeply. She had a secret or two of her own and she didn't want young Jamie to know any of them. That's why we call them secrets.

But Jamie was insufferable, always probing, trying to find out what she was up to and Lori was 'up to' something that she surely didn't want to share with Jamie. You see, Lori had a spanking fetish.

It was her deepest, darkest secret. It was such a deep secret in fact; she had never even overtly discussed it with her husband, Calvin. She had probed him enough to figure out that he was a 'pure vanilla', which means he attached no sexual significance to spanking, and was not much interested in the topic at all.

Thanks to the internet, though, Lori had recently expanded her horizons. Out of curiosity, she had typed 'spank' into Google and was amazed at what came up. She found that there were many sites that linked people with the interest and permitted them to 'chat' with one another, either in a blog format or one-to-one. She had found a person with a spanking interest that mirrored hers in uncanny detail and they had become pen pals, discussing all aspects of their spanking interest.

He called himself 'Bill' and Lori called herself 'Hannah'. Neither of them knew the other's real name and they had agreed they'd never ask. They were both 'very married' and totally devoted to their respective spouses, but Bill's wife was vanilla also. Part of what they chatted about were strategies for discussing their interest with their spouses and getting them engaged in meeting their unusual needs.

Lori made no secret to Calvin that she had an internet pen pal named Bill. She told Calvin many 'vanilla' details about 'Bill' and Calvin and Bill had even exchanged e-mails on some safe topics. Since she couldn't even broach the topic of spanking with Calvin, she surely wasn't ready for him to know that she chatted about it with Bill.