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Daddy Dom

by Rose St. Andrews
Published: Jul 25, 2015
Words: 29,415
Category: ageplay, romance, bdsm
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One

Ashley jotted down another note in her little pad as she again slowed in her pace. While she loved walking the streets of New York City, she'd long ago learned not to rush when she was distracted. It always ended in a bump, a trip, or someone getting a foot stepped on.

"Ashley, come on, keep up," Keiko said, grabbing her by the elbow.

Looking up, she pocketed the pad. "Yes, sorry, just-"

"I know, just another story idea. Shit, what, you going to write the next great American novel? Forget that for tonight. This night is about dirty nasty fun!"

Ashley let out a squeak. "Keiko, just how wild a club is this?"

"Relax, it's nothing you can't handle. The mild stuff is the same shit we've been doing since high school."

"Mild? So, that means there's... other stuff?"

Keiko nodded. "Yes, but it's strictly voluntary, okay?"

"Well, okay."

She quickened her pace to keep up, even as her heart did likewise - and not just from the physical exertion. No, that was mild, and she was in great shape. They both were. Keiko and Ashley were two of a kind. Born and raised in a quiet coastal town of Connecticut, they'd been BFFs since grade school. Now recently graduated from college, they shared a tiny apartment in Manhattan, and Keiko was determined that they should live life to its fullest. Given that they were both petite, blonde, and had firm curvy builds, dating was never a problem. Although Keiko always seemed to have a slight edge in that department, Ashley attributed that to her Asian features and killer legs and ass. She was slightly taller than Ashley too, but at four-eight almost everyone was taller than her! Yet, there was still something missing in their lives, hence this expedition. Still, the prospect of going to a BDSM/fetish club filled her with nervous energy.

They finally reached it, and she was surprised - it was an elegant-looking brownstone. She thought sure it would be some hole-in-the-wall dump hidden away from prying eyes. The doorman checked their ID and then ushered them into the main atrium.

"So, some fancy lobby, huh?" Keiko whispered, slowly turning around.

"Girl, this is way too fancy to be a lobby. This is a foyer!"

"Keiko, how nice to see you again," a booming woman's voice said.

Ashley turned and cringed, letting out a little squeak. A mountain of a woman was approaching them, and Ashley didn't need an introduction to know she was the mistress or madam, or whatever the title was, of the house. Her long flowing black gown hugged every curve of her incredible Valkyrie figure, and she was head and shoulders above them. Given the strength and girth to her arms, Ashley estimated she could easily hoist both of them aloft.

Keiko extended her hand to her.