Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015 -

Swish... Thwack! - Volume 1

a collection of adult caning stories
by Jon Thorn
Published: Jul 27, 2015
Words: 25,681
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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From Fantasy to Reality

Annabelle's hand trembled as she picked up her mobile and dialled the number. It had taken her three days to pluck up the courage to do this. She had turned it over so many times in her mind and had lain awake at night, fitfully running it through over and over again, trying to decide if she really wanted this to happen or if it would be better left as an unfulfilled dream.

She had seen the article in the glossy magazine that she occasionally bought on her way to work. It was the story of a business idea that had achieved remarkable success for the two women who had dreamed it up. Quite simply, they had established a company whose sole purpose it was to bring fantasies to reality. They took only female clients, provided a complete bespoke service, ensured full confidentiality, and charged a steep fee. They promised to fulfil any fantasy, anything a woman might imagine, no matter how bizarre or unusual, just as long as it was legal. It was the perfect service for a world in which young women were increasingly confident of their sexuality, were looking for adventure and new experiences, but were also wary of men who might abuse or exploit them.

"Good morning, Felicity Henderson, Viridarium Partnership."

The woman who answered Annabelle's call sounded calm and professional, but at the same time there was a warmth in her voice that immediately put Annabelle at ease.

"Hi. I've been looking at your website," Annabelle said, "and I think I'd like to come for a consultation."

"Great! I assume that you haven't used our services before?"

"No," Annabelle confirmed, "... first time." The nervousness crept into her voice.

"Well, don't be anxious. Let me explain how things work. The initial consultation is completely free. We'll sit down and chat things through to find out what you've been dreaming of. If we believe that it's doable then we'll let you know the cost and give you a sense of how long it will take to set up. Don't worry about shocking us, we're completely unshockable. The more detail you can give us the better; we pride ourselves on getting it right, and we want to give you a truly unforgettable experience. After the initial conversation, we'll write it up and send you a formal quote. It's up to you then if you proceed or not."

"OK... that sounds fine. I'd like to talk it through."

"Wonderful, let's see when we can both be available..."

Annabelle was pleased that there was an appointment available for the next day. Now that she had summoned enough courage to make the initial call, she was keen to take the next step.

The Viridarium office was in a discrete, rather anonymous building tucked away behind the Royal Opera House, just off Covent Garden. Felicity met Annabelle at the door and led her through to a modern, comfortable office.