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Sarah's Gold Rush Journey

by Marilyn Kensington
Published: Jan 17, 2015
Words: 11,563
Category: western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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California Territory, 1850

Sarah woke with a start as the first light of day shone in her eyes, and could hardly believe that she had slept at all the night before, because her excitement level when she went to bed had made her feel the way Christmas Eve did when she was a kid. The excitement remained - for today she would be leaving on a big adventure!

For the past year she had lived in a remote mining settlement in the California gold fields, but this morning she would be leaving for San Francisco, and from the tales she had heard, there wasn't any place in the California Territory as exciting as the city that served as the entry point for the countless prospectors looking to make their fortunes.

As she got out of bed, she realized that her bottom was still sore from the spanking Caleb Masters had given her the night before. At 25 years old, Caleb was only six years her senior, and she had been annoyed that he'd had the gall to spank her after dinner. She knew that she had deserved to be spanked, but gosh darn it, didn't Caleb realize she was a woman now and shouldn't be treated like she was a naughty child anymore?


Sarah's Aunt Alma and Uncle Walter had raised her after her parents died when she was young, and they had spoiled her since they didn't have any children of their own. Her uncle ran a store selling mining supplies in the settlement where she lived, and he'd had the foresight to set up a second store in San Francisco after the Gold Rush started in '48. He was a savvy businessman and realized that the folks supplying the hordes of people searching for gold were likely to make out a lot better than most of the prospectors pouring into the Territory.

Since her aunt and uncle didn't have any other heirs, they groomed her to take over the family business someday and needed her to help in the San Francisco store where they now made the bulk of their profit. Caleb was the son of her uncle's partner and would be accompanying her on her trip to the big city. He had already worked in San Francisco for the past year, and from listening to him talk at dinner the night before, she realized he was so much worldlier than he was when he left the year before.

Sarah had known Caleb for as long as she could remember, and she'd been sweet on him ever since she became aware of boys. During dinner, his talk about the big plans he had for the future only increased her desire for him to have similar feelings about her. Unfortunately, based upon what happened after dinner, it seemed like he still considered her to be a naughty child rather than the grown woman she believed she was.