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Legend of the Amazons

by Jack Crawford
Published: Jan 05, 2015
Words: 26,845
Category: femdom, historical
Orientation: F/M
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My name is Thermo and for a decade I have served the great Queen of the Amazons, Antianara ... an amazing feat as most men captured by the Amazons are used at the whims of the Amazons and discarded within the month. There have been a few men such as myself, but very, very few in Amazon history. I have been charged by my Queen Antianara to record old tales that have been handed down aurally, to make an official record of these legends so that they may endure in history. My Queen has discovered that I am more educated than most men she has met and will use my knowledge to create a written record of the legends of the Amazons.

The Amazon kingdom is rumored to exist in many places, but none of the rumored locations are correct. I would tell you why, but I do not wish to compromise its location. Amazon society is a closed society - you don't just wander in and become a citizen any more than you would wander into Sparta and suddenly become a Spartan. Simply, you have to be born an Amazon, and you have to be a woman. The Amazon society is entirely female, but more on that later.

How I came to be a slave of the Amazon nation may help in understanding some of what the Amazons are and what the Amazon society is. I grew up on a farm in Macedonia as a child but was fortunate to have been noticed by a very learned philosopher. Though I never attended any organized school, this philosopher taught me many things of our world. In particular, he taught me to read and write as well as how to understand the world around me. He introduced me to the concept of philosophy. This, of course, was very unusual.

I moved from the farm and began a career as a shop keeper. The Mathematics I was taught by my mentor served me well and I was developing a profitable business selling goods to local farmers when a company of Amazon warriors attacked our village. These women were fierce warriors and the handful of farmers and old men in the village did not stand a chance. Five men were kidnapped from the village and I was one.

The five of us were kept tightly bound and we were escorted for days before reaching a large encampment of Amazons. We were kept under strict observation and did not spend a moment without at least one of these fierce women gazing at our lot. They terrified me, but I have to be honest and admit that I found them all very attractive.

Our captors and their cohort were athletic and vigorous women in the prime of life. I had witnessed their fighting skills and originally thought they may have been Spartan women, but we quickly learned differently. Over the week that we were held at the encampment, several other companies of these women warriors joined the camp, each with five or six male captives.