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Sunday, November 29, 2015 -

Women who Spank Men: Volume 14

domestic F/M femdom stories
by LSF Publications
Published: Sep 19, 2015
Words: 25,799
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Five Years Later
by Anthony Alba

"It's not changed a bit," James remarked with some surprise as he gazed around the old classroom.

"It has only been five years," his guide for the day, Julia Styles, remarked.

James nodded slowly. He was not sure what he had expected coming back to his old school. It might only have been five years since he was a student here but in those years he had gone on to college, got his degree. He'd even done a stint as a trainee teacher at Kings Landing Secondary. And then fate had brought him back full circle to start here as the new geography teacher.

He had been nervous about coming back. Last night he had tossed and turned well into the small hours before finally managing some sleep. He was not sure what he had expected but Willow Wood School was just how he remembered it. It was still looking for the extension that had been first requested long before he had been a first year. The games pitch was still too soggy when it rained. Even old Hughes the caretaker was still pottering around.

For the moment the halls and corridors were quiet. Term began tomorrow and come nine o'clock the place would be full of the hustle and bustle of children coming and going: first years, lost and confused and trying to make sense of their new timetables and find this room or that; friends meeting up after the summer break; and the upper sixth form would be lording over everyone, or at least trying to now that they had finally reached the top of the student food chain.

Suddenly he began to frown. The layout of the school had not changed. He had taken Maths in this very room. Looking around he could see the desk where he had liked to sit near the front. He turned to Julia, puzzled now.

"I thought this was your room?"

Julia smiled and it lit up her face just the way he recalled. "You remembered. I was wondering if you would."

James felt a flush of colour creep into his cheeks. As if anyone would forget Miss Julia Styles. He could still recall the first day she had appeared in class. It had been her first assignment not that anyone would have known it by the sure way she took charge of the class. She had an air about her, a steely confidence in her stance. She had surveyed her class with a quiet authority and they had all fallen into a respectful silence without having to be told to be quiet.

Back then he had been a tad shocked that someone who looked so young could be a teacher. There had been girls in the class who had looked older than Miss Styles. With shoulder length ash blond hair and pale blue eyes she looked drop dead gorgeous, like a model or film star, or so his younger self had thought.