Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 -

More Secrets from the Life of a Civil Servant

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Feb 20, 2015
Words: 37,970
Category: femdom, lesbian
Orientation: F/F
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Elizabeth Lane glanced at her watch and realised that it was time to go. She shoved some papers into her brief case to read later at home, tidied up her desk a little, made sure that her desk was properly locked, collected her coat from the stand by the door and left the office. Her Secretary had left the best part of an hour before, but as a senior Civil Servant in the Foreign Office, Elizabeth was well used to working long hours. She said 'good night' to the security guard on the door of the building as she left, but instead of heading for her flat in Mayfair, she took a slightly different route and soon found herself 'buzzing' the entry-phone of a block of apartments not that far from her office. Within a minute or so, her friend Angela Playfair was greeting her at the door of the top floor apartment.

Angela, who was bisexual, and her husband, Matthew, had been introduced to Elizabeth by Sir John Shrewsbury and she had become good friends with Angela especially. Elizabeth's relationship with Sir John had been unusual to say the least and his death almost two months before had left a hole in her life that she found puzzling and somewhat frustrating. She had discussed briefly what she might do about that with Angela, and now they had arranged to meet again to take the matter further.

Ten minutes after she arrived, the two were sitting gazing out over the London skyline with a glass of white wine in their hands. Angela was the first to broach the subject,

"Have you thought any more about what we discussed?"

"Oh lots! Every night I think about it, Angela! But I'm still no closer to making up my mind. Somehow, without Sir John, it doesn't seem the same."

"Well, darling, I've been making some very discreet enquiries ... very, very discreet in fact. And I think there is a demand ... a very small demand I must emphasise, for what you had with John - but really with women only, and very well-connected and wealthy women at that. We agreed that without John, dealing with men could become far riskier."

Over a number of years Elizabeth had provided 'disciplinary' services to Sir John Shrewsbury and people that he knew, often through the diplomatic service. It had been a strange arrangement and one which she had grown to enjoy despite herself. In return, he had given her rent free use of the flat that she still occupied. His death had brought to an end the access that he had to individuals seeking such services, which was why she and Angela had started thinking about alternatives.

"A small demand shouldn't be a problem. After all I don't have all that time and couldn't cope with a large demand. With Sir John it was always occasional rather than regular evenings."

"From what I can gather, Elizabeth, there are ladies in high places who are interested in this sort of thing - ladies in politics, the aristocracy ... who would be interested. I think it could work."