Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 -

Teen Spanking Tales: Book 3

by Ryan Rowland
Published: Sep 03, 2014
Words: 21,214
Category: teen
Orientation: M/F
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Spankin' Cousins

"Ashley! David! I'm ashamed of both of you! You're cousins, for crying out loud! What's with all the yelling and bickering at each other? You used to be best friends when you were kids and now you can't spend one day in the same house without fighting like cats and dogs. What's gotten into you?"

The two stood side-by-side in the living room of Ashley's house to receive a well-deserved reprimand. Her Dad was tired and irritable from overwork. And this was the third time in just over an hour he had found it necessary act as referee.

A shake of the head. "Sorry Dad, but it was his fault."

An embarrassed shrug. "I don't know, Uncle Robert. But she's the one who..."

"Enough! The arguing and blame game stops now! You were both at fault.

A long pause ensued while Ashley's dad considered the situation. Last time, he had told them to knock it off 'or else'. Now it was time for the 'or else'.

"Ashley, go out to the yard and bring me a willow switch. And be quick about it!"

Two pairs of eyes opened wide and Ashley's jaw dropped.

"Dad!" Ashley cried in anguish. "You can't mean it..."

But the look on his face told her he was deadly serious. Ashley's face flushed red as she walked toward the back door. She had hoped the whippings were over. It had been nearly four months since the last time. Ashley had been trying for a long time to convince her Dad that she was too old to be switched like a naughty child. So far, all it had gotten her was a change in method. Her Dad no longer held her over his lap to spank her. Now, she was required to stand, bend over, and stay in position... with extra strokes if she failed to do so. Sometimes she even had to count them.

Ashley knew what kind of switch her Dad wanted: a relatively small thin one that would allow him to vigorously apply a large number of strokes to produce fiery, itching welts without doing serious damage. She quickly searched the willow tree to find a switch that would meet her Dad's size requirements, but just barely. She stripped the leaves from it as she hurried back inside. The previous time, she had dragged her feet in protest and she clearly remembered the sting of the extra strokes she received for being too slow.

David stood awkwardly, regretting the quarrel with his cousin, and not looking at his uncle as they waited for Ashley to return with the switch. She entered the room with her head down, fighting tears. It was bad enough that she was going to be switched, but now her cousin knew that, at her age, she still received whippings from her Dad. David would tell everyone and she would be a laughing stock.