Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017 -

The Spanking Digest: Issue 12

a journal of spanking fiction
by LSF Publications
Published: Dec 03, 2016
Words: 24,788
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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The Payment for Uniform Infractions
by Sarah Thorne

The house was quiet... too quiet. A good thing, really. It meant she could concentrate on her work for a spell before everyone got home and began to tear through the house.

Her mind wandered, however. Where was he today? She really did have the itch to get frisky and be spanked, as it had been several weeks. Amid juggling two very hectic schedules, kids' soccer practices, orthodontists, and simply just family time, it was difficult at best to find time for their favorite (or next to favorite) activity. She had thought he had said that he was taking the day off, but he was nowhere to be found.

The tip of her pencil broke.

"Damn!" she swore under her breath, pushed back her chair and got up. She made her way out of the dining room down the long hallway to his study to use the pencil sharpener. She stopped when she saw him behind the desk.

"Oh! There you are!" she said in surprise.

He looked up, his expression one she couldn't quite make out. "Young lady!" he boomed and she jumped slightly, astonished.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"What? What? Is that how you are to address me, Ms. Rayna?"

She stood there dumbfounded, not exactly sure what he was doing. Was he drunk? She backed away when he got up and made his way toward her authoritatively.

"Young lady, uniform infractions will not be tolerated at this school! Your parents pay good money for you to dress and act like a proper lady! Do you have an explanation why you are, once more, out of uniform?"

Still in shock, she looked down at herself and the way she was dressed, clad in an oversized t-shirt and cut off shorts, hair haphazardly pulled up in a clip.

"I... I..." she stuttered, thrown completely off guard.

"SPEAK UP, GIRL!" he boomed. "This is not the first time! I suggest you return to your dorm and put on the proper attire, fix your hair appropriately, and then return for your punishment!"

"But I have work to do..." she said as the wife to her husband.

"It will wait, young lady. Now do as you are told!"

Crazy. He was crazy; this was crazy. She hadn't time for games. "Kyle..."

He moved so swiftly that she barely had time to grasp what was happening as he turned her around and bent her over the desk, delivering several very hard blows to the outside of her cotton shorts. "Owww... Kyle..."

"Young lady! Do you dare be so insubordinate as to disrespectfully call me by my first name?" he demanded, still smacking her bottom, her legs raising from the knee down, one at a time.

Okay, she finally caught on. Obviously, he was in the mood for this and she would not get any peace until his need was satisfied.