Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thursday, December 08, 2016 -

Going over Mom's Knee - Book 1

domestic femdom stories by Lewis Stone
Published: Nov 14, 2016
Words: 24,652
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Rob Gains a Mother

Rob sat in the bathtub listening to his step-mom of the past eighteen years work around the house. She had adopted him before he was two, so in actual fact she was the only mother he knew, but their relationship had not got off to a good start. By the time he was eight he openly rebelled at doing anything she wanted and had paid the price with a sore butt from his father many times since. He called her Mother, but it was in name only.

Spankings from his dad made little difference to his attitude toward Rose, and up to the day he had left home for college two years previously, the two had fought constantly. He was home for the summer, and his job did not start until the following week so he had a lot of time to spend at home. The only trouble was that Rose was also home, and from the moment he'd arrived the bickering had started over again.

Things were bad and would have stayed that way for the entire summer if Rob had not discovered what he did. His suspicions were aroused when he gave his father the bill for next year's tuition, and his dad had turned away from him. Rob could see his dad's face had turned white. After a few seconds his dad said he would look after the bill, but Rob did some checking and found his father's company was close to being bankrupt. It was when he was checking his father's home office that he found something else that surprised him.

He stumbled onto Rose's bank accounts and found she had paid his last two years tuition and all his monthly allowances had come from her. He saw the explanation for the newest cheque still in the system was exactly the amount of his next year's tuition. Not that Rose could not afford it - she could have paid for fifty years and still have had cash in the bank, but the fact she paid and never said one word to Rob all that time gave him a view of her he had never had before.

Rob sat in the bathtub wondering why his step-mom would do such a thing. He could not afford to pay the tuition fees himself and would have to drop out if the money was not available. The question in Rob's mind was what to do now? He could not tell his father he had snooped through his business files, not if he wanted to live at home the rest of the summer. He could not tell Rose he knew she was paying his college bills, as he had no right to look at her bank statements.

At the same time, he knew he had to do something or else feel very guilty about his behaviour over the past ten or more years.