Thursday, 6 October 2016

Thursday, October 06, 2016 -

Spanking Stephanie

an age regression novella
by Peter Martin
Published: Sep 4, 2016
Words: 23,274
Category: ageplay
Orientation: F/F
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Chapter 1

As I got dressed I was wondering how come I was going to my friend Ella's house to be spanked. I was thirty-three years old and a lifelong friend of Ella, also thirty-three. She was divorced with two children. I was still unmarried.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I had purchased the school clothes at the retail park yesterday, when I had arranged with Ella to go to her house for my spanking. I remembered the conversation so clearly. I was feeling relaxed after the two glasses of wine we'd consumed. As a mother of teenagers, Ella told me how she used spanking to enforce her rules at home. I mused with her that I had never been spanked as a youngster and wondered if I would have been better behaved if I had been. I even told her how I had often imagined myself across my mum's lap. Ella laughed as she told me that knowing how I acted sometimes with her, she would definitely have spanked me if she had been my mum.

I laughed. Ella told me how she had spanked Ben two days earlier for arguing with her and how Lizzie watched. In fact she always gave a spanking with the other sibling allowed to watch. I told Ella I could see how that would make the punishment more effective and agreed it was a good idea to let siblings watch the spanking.

The conversation continued and I playfully smacked the back of Ella's hand when she went to take my glass away. That was when she looked at me with a motherly stern look and said firmly, "If you were my daughter you'd get your bottom spanked for that, young lady."

I blushed as I replied arrogantly, "Whatever."

Ella leaned forward and told me in a very assertive tone, "Tomorrow, my house, you get spanked."

I licked my lips and playing along replied petulantly, "What? After school?"

Ella kept a stern look on her face, screwing up her eyes. "Yes, be at mine at four o'clock. I'll have got the kids home from school by then." She added, "As it's after school, wear a school uniform... the one you wore at the fancy dress party the other week, like Lizzie's school uniform."

Ella and I laughed about the interchange. However when she left to collect the kids from school she reminded me in a stern voice, "Don't forget, Steph. Four o'clock tomorrow. You'll come over and I'll give you that spanking you have needed so badly for so long."

So when I looked at myself in the mirror I knew what was going to happen to me inside the next hour; it was something I had fantasised about for years and years, except I had pictured myself across my mum's lap and not Ella's. Also, I pictured my sister watching me being spanked.