Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014 -

Spanked by a Stranger

by India Heath
and other erotic spanking tales
Published: Aug 22 2014
Words: 23,738
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Spanked by a Stranger

"Trespassing is a criminal offence."

Cathy nearly leapt ten feet in the air when the smooth, deep voice suddenly whispered in her left ear. She gasped in fright and spun around to see... no-one! There was no-one there. Had that masculine drawl been the voice of her own guilty conscience? She shook her head and tutted. "Get a grip, Cath. Just collect the apples and get out of here, girl." She reached for another piece of fruit from the low hanging branch and put it in her bag.

"And so is theft."

This time the voice whispered in her right ear... and she could almost feel a cool breath bathe her lobe. She turned again in fear. "Who is that?" she demanded when, once again, there was no sign of anyone behind her.

"Leave my garden... now!"

Cathy frowned. Irritation was swiftly overtaking her initial fright. This was no-one's garden... not any more. The house that joined the rear of her own property had been empty for over twenty years. At least that's what the estate agent had told Cathy during her initial viewing.

"Look... if you have a problem with my being here then at least have the guts to come out and face me," she challenged. She watched for any signs of movement amongst the nearby fruit trees and sprawling blackberry bushes but all was eerily still. In the end she shrugged dismissively and turned back towards her intended bounty.

"Steal one more apple, young lady, and you will find yourself so far over my knee, you will be counting blades of grass as I spank your bare bottom."

Very deliberately, Cathy plucked the biggest apple she could reach from the tree, as hot angry colour suffused her cheeks. Then she spun on her heel again with the intent of seeking out and confronting the annoying man who dared to threaten her. "Oomph!" Her nose collided full tilt with a solid wall of masculine chest... so muscled that the impact made her eyes water.

"I only give one warning, little girl. It was foolhardy of you to ignore it."

Cathy looked up into the darkest, most hypnotic pair of eyes she had ever seen. "Where the fuck did you spring from?" She hadn't heard his approach, hadn't sensed his presence so close behind her, at all... it were as though he had appeared out of thin air.

"It seems we can add foul language to your rapidly growing list of transgressions."

Cathy's mouth fell open in awe. He was beautiful, there was no other word for it. From the dark sweep of his jet black hair, to his square chiselled jaw... he was truly beautiful. But he was also very large and intimidating. Cathy took a small step backwards.

"Wh...who are you?" she stammered, dropping her precious horde of apples to the ground.

"A man who does not tolerate misbehaviour."