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Wednesday, July 09, 2014 -

A Wife's Place

by Katie Bradford
Published: Jun 13, 2014
Words: 24,400
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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A Wife's Place

Caroline sat quietly as James spoke with Pastor Timothy in the church office. She knew it was not proper for her to interrupt the men as they were speaking even though the conversation was centering around her. She must wait until the questions were directed directly towards her.

Sighing softly to herself, Caroline sat staring at her fingers fumbling in her lap. In just a few minutes, James would get up and leave her alone to talk with Pastor Timothy and she was very nervous about that. The pastor had a way of making her feel very naughty even when she wasn't.

She had begged James to give her another chance. Another chance of showing him what a good wife she could be, After all, she was still very new to the role. They had only been married for a year... she still had a lot to learn.

But James was twelve years her senior and very impatient. He had told Caroline she needed discipline and the best place to start was in the church. So, he had called the church office and made an appointment for Saturday morning, and there they were, talking with Pastor Timothy about her supposed disobedience.

Much sooner then she would have liked, James leaned over and gave her a small peck on the cheek and assured her that he and the pastor were only doing only what was best for her. He then stood up and shook the pastor's hand and walked out of the office leaving poor Caroline there to face her fate alone.

"Well Caroline," Pastor Timothy sighed as he leaned back in his chair, "I'm sure you heard everything your husband was telling me just now. What do you have to say for your disobedience?"

A tear trickled down her cheek as she looked at the pastor briefly and then cast her eyes down to the carpet. "I... I try pastor. I really do. But James is very persnickety sometimes."

Pastor Timothy folded his hands in his lap and frowned. "I've known James for many years and he has always seemed very reasonable to me."

"Well... I mean..." Caroline fumbled with her words, "He gets very impatient with me sometimes. I'm still learning how -"

"That's what we're going to help you with today Caroline," the Pastor interrupted. "You are going to come home with me. I have instructed my wife Mary to help mentor you and show you the proper ways for a young wife to behave."

"But James didn't tell me I was to be gone overnight! I haven't packed anything."

"You will be wearing a simple dress which Mary will supply you with once you're at the house. You are not the first misguided young wife we have taken into our home so we have several different sized dresses hanging in the closet. She will find the proper one for you."

"Can I call James first and tell him I won't be home?" she asked anxiously.