Sunday, 8 June 2014

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Women Spanking Women

by Rick Marlowe
Published: May 18, 2014
Words: 24,343
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Ms. Dominique Thorn

How've you been, Janey? Me? I just love my new job. Everyone's so laid back. No one seems to mind if you come in a bit late, and if you just have to leave a bit early, it's okay. The work isn't that hard, and you just get it done when you get it done.

My boss? That's old Mr. Whiffle. 'Whiffs,' everyone calls him. He's a sweetie. Kind of quiet. He just stays in his office or heads over to the factory. Cece says he's more comfortable around the machinery than with people. So we kind of get to do our own thing.

Cece? Oh, she's the girl in the next cubicle. She kind of shows me the ropes. Whenever she's off the phone, that is. She's always talking to her boyfriend, or her mom, or somebody. Nah, no one ever hassles you about stuff like that - phone calls, or being on the 'net.' They must understand that morale is important.

Speaking of morale, there are a couple of cute guys from sales who are always hanging around the water cooler. Cece says one of them, named Josh, kind of likes me. She may be right, because he always seems to find excuses to drop by our end of the office.

Listen, I gotta go. They're having some sort of party down in the lunchroom. Cece says someone reached a six-month anniversary or something. Bye, Janey. I'll catch you some other time.


Oh, hi, Janey! Sorry I haven't called. I've been kind of busy lately. No, its okay, I can talk. Not much happening here today. Oh - there is one thing. The buzz around the office is that ol' Whiffs is hiring an office manager. Apparently he has someone all picked out, too. This was after he had a hissy-fit yesterday about productivity in the office. I was a bit worried, but Cece tells me not to be. Supposedly this happens two or three times a year. He actually did hire an office manager once - someone who was supposed to enforce rules and stuff - but she only lasted a few months.

I'll probably have to be careful for a while until this all blows over, so I shouldn't talk long. I'll call you soon so you can fill me in on things, and I can tell you about me and Josh. Got to go now. Bye.


Sorry to call so late, but I can't talk at work anymore, and Josh and I went out afterwards. He wanted to comfort me because I didn't have such a great day. Why? Well, our new office manager started today. Let me just say that I hope she doesn't last half as long as that last one they had. She called the whole office staff together for a meeting. Said things were going to change around here... or else. To tell you the truth, she's a little scary. Her voice is scary. Even her name is scary - Dominique Thorne.