Friday, 25 October 2013

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Back to School

by Frank Limadere
Published: Sep 19, 2013
Words: 17,130
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Gail Hetherington alighted from the cab, allowed the driver to drop her bags next to her, looked up at the imposing fa├žade of Wellborne's Finishing Academy for Ladies of Quality, tugged her skirt into place, took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

Gail was in her early thirties and a highly successful businesswoman with a senior executive position for a large multinational corporation. She was happily married and considered intelligent and attractive. Why was she waiting nervously in the gathering gloom outside a finishing academy?

The attractive blonde woman had attended an old-fashioned girls' school not unlike Wellborne. She had done well, graduating close to the top of her class. She had been popular with classmates and staff alike, she was one of the school's leading athletes and been involved in many extra-curricular activities: plays, the debating club and various charity fundraisers. She applied a similar sort of zeal to everything she did, and then a year ago she hit a peak.

She couldn't move any further up the corporate ladder at her current company, and while she could get another job, she was also considering starting a family, and companies were leery of hiring a woman with aspirations to have children for an executive role which required long hours and lots of travel.

Gail didn't like to use the word depression to describe her mental state, and even the mental health professionals she had seen for her condition didn't say it was exactly what was causing her problems.

She had developed a longing to go back to her schooldays. Everything had seemed so much simpler then. She had structure and routine, she knew exactly how far she could go and what she could achieve and her boundaries seemed limitless.

Unlike many who attended her old-fashioned boarding school or others like it, Gail loved the atmosphere. She actually loved everything about school. The lessons, the sports, her friends, staying up after lights-out to talk about boys or the dreamy new English teacher, the celebrations after a win over a rival school or house in a sports event.

She even liked the discipline, she thought with a little thrill. It wasn't fun when it happened. Being confined to the dorm or having to write lines was not enjoyable, but there was the rush of adrenalin when you did something wrong and got caught. The pounding of your heart and the racing of the pulse as the headmistress lit into you with one of her world-famous scoldings. Gail never got more than a smack or two from one of the sports mistresses, but Matron's slipper was spoken about in hushed tones, and one of her friends claimed to have actually seen a cane in the headmistress' office.

It was a work mate who brought Wellborne to her attention. The other woman had been browsing the internet during a train journey for business reasons and stumbled across a news article about the school.