Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012 -

Whacks Lyrical

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Dec 28, 2012
Words: 8,467
Category: verse
Orientation: M/F
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All Aboard the Lady Bountiful

"All aboard the Lady Bountiful!" the skipper cried with glee
His arm around a curvy wench who was sitting on his knee
"You will not get a better deal - my trips are tried and tested
No one undercuts my price and my "extras" can't be bested
This isn't an ordinary fishing boat, its something quite enchanting
And whoever gets on board with me is bound to get a spanking!"

And so the Lady Bountiful sailed serenely from the dock
And immediately the bosun did the cupboard door unlock
It was quite a treasure trove, piled high with crops and paddles
He puts them in a great big sack and to the poop deck waddles
The implements are spread out in the warming summer sun
"Come on now ladies, get in line, its time to smack yer bum!"

With cries and squeals of girlish glee a queue is swiftly made
And while they're waiting for their turn they drink some lemonade
The skipper spanks with practised art and turns white bottoms pink
Its very thirsty work indeed so he stops to have a drink
And while he rests his spanking arm a wench winks at him lewdly
"Aye aye, what have we here?" he thinks, and leers back rather rudely

"I've got a thing for sailors," the curvy wench confessed
"I'd enjoy some rumpy pumpy, believe me, I don't jest
And if you take me to your cabin and ravish me for your pleasure
I promise I'll cooperate - you won't get a short measure."
The skipper thought his luck was in and grabbed the curvy wench
He took her to his cabin and draped her o'er the spanking bench

He raised her skirt and felt her thighs clad in stockings black and sheer
But as his hands roamed higher he discovered something queer
The wench had very solid legs and the backs were rather hairy
"Get stuck in!" she cried with glee. "And you can call me Mary."
But when Mary's knickers were pulled down the skippers face turned wan
For the curvy wench called Mary was in fact a man!